Last hope: the Russians are begging to save a buck

US dollars. Последняя надежда: россиян умоляют спасти доллар Michael Kutuzovova Danilov, the author of the blog the Crimson Alter

De-dollarization has ceased to be a marginal topic in the Russian political, expert and media community. However, the more about de-dollarization they say in the Kremlin, the government, Central Bank and the state Duma, the more the unfolding media campaign aimed to persuade ordinary Russians that the rejection of the dollar in international payments, on the one hand impossible and on the other is extremely harmful for them personally, their savings, their personal freedom and the Russian economy as a whole. To promote the use of American currency and strengthening of the vulnerability of the Russian economy before punitive actions of Washington are connected by the media, economists, leaders of public opinion and popular videoblogger. Sometimes it seems that soon the doors of ordinary citizens will start to knock neatly dressed young people who are insinuating voice wondered: “do you want to talk about our God and Savior — the us dollar? Him not to give up!”

The Russian public are trying hard to convince that only lapotnye madmen, who do not understand modern Economics, we can wish for the abandonment of the dollar, because this failure is dangerous, harmful and at best will lead to the degradation of the Russian trade to the level of the exchange of skins on the axes. In this context, it is worth seeing what they say about the current dollar global trade not americanophile Russian and Western experts, which is quite difficult to suspect of sympathizing with the Kremlin and Russia or to Putin’s propaganda.

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Последняя надежда: россиян умоляют спасти доллар© Vitaly Podvecer for money

The ex-Minister of trade of great Britain, the legendary head of operations asset management influential American Bank Goldman Sachs (assets under management — more than a trillion dollars), President of the famous British “think tank”, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Baron and financier James O’neill said the us business TV channel CNBC that the dollar plays a disproportionate role in global Finance, and called this role “issue”.

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