Kosovo will never forget the help of Bush, said Thaci

Former U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush.

Косово никогда не забудет помощь Буша — старшего, заявил Тачи
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BELGRADE, Dec 1 – the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo and the Albanians will always remember former U.S. President George H. W. Bush, who first stood up for Pristina before Belgrade, wrote to the Kosovo President, Thaci in Facebook.

George Bush senior passed away on Friday (Saturday morning GMT) in 95-m to year of life.

Thaci was in the US when it became known about the death of Bush. Condolences appeared on the page of the Kosovo President in a social network the following message after the meeting with Bush in Dallas on Friday and on the award of the “order of independence” of Kosovo.

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