Komi asked the court to cancel the summons to the Congress to testify

Ex-FBI Director James Comey.

Коми потребовал от суда отменить повестку в конгресс для дачи показаний
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WASHINGTON, 30 Nov — Alexey Bogdanovsky. The former Director of the Federal Bureau of investigation James Komi requires the court to cancel the summons to the Congress to testify, said the motion Komi Republic, located in the database of the court.

“Agenda, which calls Mr. Komi on a closed, non-public testimony, beyond the scope of reasonable legislative action violates the rules of the house of representatives, and also contains prejudice and threats against a witness (Komi Republic),” — said in a 15-page motion filed in court by the lawyers of Komi.

Komi was dismissed in 2017, the President of the United States Donald trump. Then he criticized trump through leaks in the media and at public hearings in Congress. Komi hinted that trump could to obstruct justice in the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller, however, did not confirm these hints definitely.

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