“Kaspersky lab” has suspended plans to open offices in the United States

The man in the office of Kaspersky Lab in Moscow.

"Лаборатория Касперского" приостановила планы по открытию офисов в США
Cyril Kallinikov

MOSCOW, 27 Nov — “Kaspersky Lab”, the company that produces software in the field of information security, has suspended plans to open offices in Chicago and Los Angeles, opening an office in Toronto postponed to 2019, announced in an interview with the Director of business development Alexander Moiseev.

In 2018 the company planned to open three new offices in the North America region: in Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto.

“In Toronto will open an office next year. The need to open offices in Chicago and Los Angeles is disappeared due to the overall difficulties of working in the region. We now have stagnation in corporate sales. At the same time growing B2C sales in the online segment, but it is centralized, its development does not need new offices. So while we temporarily suspend plans to open new offices,” — said the representative of the company.

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