Just lost the scent. James “Mad dog” Mattis pounced on the host

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis during a meeting of defense Ministers of NATO countries in Brussels. 4 Oct 2018

Совсем нюх потерял. Джеймс "Бешеный пес" Мэттис накинулся на хозяина
© AP Photo / Francisco Ezeego maxims still full demobilization albums American Marines. “I come in peace – said General Mattis to the Iraqis. But if you send me, I will kill you all”. Did so. Trump ought to keep this in mind.

Совсем нюх потерял. Джеймс "Бешеный пес" Мэттис накинулся на хозяина
Just lost the scent. James “Mad dog” Mattis pounced on the owner of Your browser does not support HTML5 audioПохоже, someone in the Pentagon it is time to pack. About him, however, say that used to stand to the end. But something tells me that the end is near. James Mattis and suggested. When is it that he, an army General, took out the dirty linen in public. Only if together with the house. And now, perhaps, even he himself in investigation would not go. Well, if it was just handed over to journalists. He, in fact, complained to them that met in the oval office on the wall of misunderstanding, which never misses. But not because he was nicknamed “Mad dog” that whines. It took Iraq, Afghanistan, took it, and trump took.

That trump got him to obey commands. Basically, the “face”. And he, you know, snort has started. And it is not so, and it is. The host raises his voice. Assad to kill did not want to, but transgender people in the army give him. Forgotten, apparently, that the White house only one person sounds good. Any other can only be another person. In fact, Mattis and thought I do a service, when refreshed to trump’s strategy for Afghanistan. And the stone from it was left. Rejected all recommendations.

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Although nothing new, the Minister of defence is not suggested. Cooperation with other countries of the region, increasing military forces, training local security forces, the ceasefire with the Taliban. That is, all around which they revolve, all these 17 years. But to even get to the Supreme did not. It usually happens when no tips are annoying, and the one who gives them. And Mattis trump annoying. Because “he is a Democrat” – the list of strong expressions from Donald’s if not a traitor, then “off.”

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