Journalist Malkevich told about the claims from the USA

The building of the U.S. Congress on Capitol hill in Washington.

Журналист Малькевич рассказал о претензиях со стороны США
Alex Agaryshev

MOSCOW, Nov 11 — Chief editor of the project Really USA, first Deputy Chairman of the Commission of Public chamber of Russia on development of information community, media and mass communications Alexander Malkevich, previously detained at the airport in Washington, said he had received from the US authorities a notification about the need to register its media as inherent.

The Russian Embassy in Washington had sent a request to the US state Department in connection with the information about the detention of Malkevich. As reported on the website of the Public chamber, he was an observer in the midterm elections, which took place on 6 November, in Maryland.

“Notice of need to register as a foreign agent discharged me… it says — Alexander Malkevich, the head of the Agency USA Really, the journalist, we believe that your activities directed against the United States, so you need to pack documents and to register. The lawyers with whom I spoke, twist at a temple a finger and say — and how to do it? This should be a us legal entity,” said Malkevich.

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