“It’s envy”. Military expert about the reaction in the United States on deliveries of s-300 to Syria

Unloading anti-aircraft missile systems s-300 in Syria

"Это из зависти". Военный эксперт о реакции в США на поставки С-300 в Сирию
© Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation / the TV Channel “Star”In the US state Department said that the delivery by Russia of s-300 Syria increases the likelihood of errors involving the Syrian military. Military expert Viktor Baranets on radio Sputnik commented on this statement.

The United States believes that the supply of Russian anti-aircraft missile complex s-300 Syrian military increases the likelihood of repeating mistakes that led to the incident with the Il-20, said in an interview with the newspaper “Kommersant”, the special representative of the Secretary of state on Syria, James Jeffrey.

“Remember the tragedy, when the result of an error committed by the Syrian military, was shot down by Russian aircraft and, if I’m not mistaken, 15 people were killed. The delivery of s-300 will lead to the fact that the Syrian military will have even more opportunities to commit such errors in the future. Therefore, we urge Russia to exercise maximum caution,” he said.

Military observer of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, retired Colonel Victor Baranets on radio Sputnik commented on the statement of an American diplomat.

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