Israel urged other countries to support sanctions against Iran

Tel Aviv.

Израиль призвал другие страны поддержать санкции против Ирана
© Photo : Ministry of tourism of Israel / Dana Friedlander

JERUSALEM, 5 Nov — Israel supports sanctions against Iran and called on other States to support them, said the Deputy Director General for relations with the press and public relations of the foreign Ministry of Israel Noam Katz.

“Israel supports sanctions against Iran, they should be supported by other States to curb the threat posed by Iran,” said Katz.

On Monday, takes effect the second package of U.S. sanctions, which affected Iran’s energy sector. In Washington is talking about the desire to nullify Iran’s oil exports and urged the international community to abandon its procurement.

Израиль призвал другие страны поддержать санкции против Ирана
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