Israel thanked the US for supporting the right to attack the Pro-Iranian forces

The building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Israel in Jerusalem. Израиль поблагодарил США за поддержку права атаковать проиранские силыCC0 / Almog / the Foreign affairs office building

TEL AVIV, Oct 11 — the Director General of the foreign Ministry of Israel Yuval Rotem thanked Secretary Mike Pompeo for the public recognition of the Jewish state to attack the Pro-Iranian militias in Syria.

The Israelis, by their own count, over the past two years attacked two hundred objects of Iranian military presence in the neighboring country. In Jerusalem say they intend to continue attacks despite increased Syria’s air defense Russian air defense systems s-300 after the tragic incident with the Russian reconnaissance aircraft Il-20, the blame for the loss of which in Moscow has accused the Israeli military.

“Israel will never allow Iran and its terrorist satellites to Syria and Lebanon to threaten its sovereignty and people. Thank you to the Secretary of state Pompeo for such a clear position in support of Israel’s right to self-defence,” wrote Rotem in the microblog Twitter.

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