India: independence is the political will plus the Triumph

The boy holds a flag of India in new DelhiИндия: независимость – это политическая воля плюс "Триумф"© AP Photo / Tsering TopgyalВ new Delhi said that India is not afraid of us sanctions over the contract with Russia to purchase s-400. That, in fact, logical. Those countries that have “Triumph”, can be nothing to fear.

“To conquer yourself is the best way to not be defeated.” Maybe this Indian wisdom and was guided by new Delhi, signing a contract with Moscow to supply s-400 “Triumph”. According to the contract in the Arsenal of India will be five regiments of new anti-aircraft missile systems. The transaction amount of 5.43 billion dollars. India third after China and Turkey, the foreign countries that will get the “Triumphs” despite threats by the United States everyone who buys Russian SAM, to wrap a web of sanctions.

Yes, they conferred in new Delhi, the difficulties with America, of course, will be. But it is a usual thing. History teaches that it is better to cover all his bases effective weapon than crouching, to act against their will. The chief of staff of the Indian land forces Bipin Rawat in an interview with The New Indian Express and said that India recognizes the United States from intimidation to take action and impose sanctions. However, independent policies is more expensive.

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Washington, incidentally, openly expressed “concerns about the plans of Delhi” under the guise of law CAATSA (“ON countering the enemies of America through sanctions”). It said that there would be tougher action against people and countries who cooperate with the Russian economy sectors, projects and individuals from the sanctions list. And now at every opportunity, Americans poke them in the face. They say, do not give anyone descent, who encroached on the security of the United States. Although in reality all this is a common struggle for the market.

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