In Washington detained 160 people who spoke against the appointment Cavanaugh

A police officer at the Capitol building in Washington. В Вашингтоне задержали 160 человек, выступавших против назначения Кавано© 2018 AFP / Brendan Smialowski

WASHINGTON, Oct 7 — the Police of the Capitol in Washington on Saturday arrested 164 people who were protesting against the approval of Brett Cavanaugh to the position of judge of the Supreme court of the United States.

On Saturday, the Senate approved a Cavanaugh, who was nominated by US President Donald trump, judges of the Supreme court.

According to the police, people were arrested for public order offences and some of them did it right in the hall where there was a vote. Presiding in the Senate, Vice-President Mike Pence because of this, several times had to interrupt the procedure and ask the guard to bring the protesters from the hall.

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