In the WWF, commented on the choice of the Nobel prize in Economics

The announcement of the Nobel prize in Economics in 2018 in StockholmВ WWF прокомментировали выбор лауреата Нобелевской премии по экономике© REUTERS / TT News Agency / Henrik Montgomery

MOSCOW, 8 Okt — climate Change is having an increasing impact on the economy, and the proof is the choice of the winner of the Economic prize in memory of Nobel, said the head of the climate programme of the world wildlife Fund (WWF) of Russia Alexey Kokorin.

As previously announced the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the prize in Economics for 2018, established in memory of Alfred Nobel the Swedish state Bank in 1968, was awarded to William Nordhaus and Sex Romero. Nordhaus noted for study on “integration of climate change in the long-term macroeconomic analysis.”

“Climate change increasingly affects the economy, many projects there is a risk of non-competitiveness in the future, so many of them are suspended. Investors often act like robots: invest depending on the risk category,” – said Kokorin.

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