In the US, senators have asked trump to decide whether to impose sanctions against Riyadh

The President of the United States Donald trumpВ США сенаторы попросили Трампа решить, вводить ли санкции против Эр-Рияда© AP Photo / Susan Walsh

WASHINGTON, 11 Oct — the Leadership of the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs addressed to the President of the United States Donald Trump demanding to decide whether or not to impose sanctions against Saudi Arabia for the alleged murder of a Saudi journalist Jamal Hackage.

Kalkaji disappeared while visiting Saudi Arabian Consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

“We demand that you have decided on the imposition of sanctions in accordance with the Magnitsky Act with respect to any foreign persons responsible for such violation (of human rights — ed.) against Mr. Hackage. We expect you in making decisions consider all available information, including the most senior officials in Saudi Arabia,” — said in a letter to Trump, which was signed by Committee Chairman Bob Corker and his Deputy Robert Menendez.

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