In the US, a war hero accused of killing wounded during operations in Iraq

Soldiers of the U.S. army during the exercise.

В США героя войны обвинили в убийстве раненого во время операции в Ираке
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MOSCOW, 17 Nov — the US Navy has charged to the special forces soldier to Edward Gallagher in the murder of a wounded man and shooting at persons not participating in hostilities, while serving in Iraq’s Mosul, where in 2017 the operation was conducted against the terrorist group “Islamic state”*, according to the portal about military service and veterans, Task & Purpose with reference to the lawyer of the accused.

‘There’s No Doubt It’s Going To A Court-Martial,’ Says Lawyer For SEAL Accused Of War Crimes

— Task & Purpose (@TaskandPurpose) 17 Nov 2018.

Gallagher is accused of several violations of the Uniform code of military justice. In particular, according to the document, he was “premeditated killed the wounded man”, “striking him with a knife in the neck and body.” In addition, he is accused of shooting a man and a woman who are engaged in support of armed forces near Mosul in June and July of 2017, as well as “illegal” posed for pictures and spoke the oath next to the body of the deceased person. The punishment for a soldier of the us special forces for these violations is not specified.

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*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.

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