In the United States to the dealer that the little one was denied the right to hug his wife before the court

Mexican drug Lord Joaquin Guzman Loera,El Chapo.

В США наркобарону Коротышке отказали в праве обнять жену перед началом суда
© AP Photo / Eduardo Verdugo, File

MOSCOW, Nov 9 — a Federal court in new York denied the Mexican drug Lord Joaquin Guzman Loera nicknamed Shorty right to hug his wife before the court, which is expected next week, according to NBC 4, citing the relevant decision of the judge.

According to TV channel, previously one of the lawyers Shorty sent the judge a petition, in which he asked to allow his client to cuddle with my wife before the meeting of the court. According to counsel, the petition would be “a humanitarian gesture” because the defendant did not communicate with his wife since his extradition to new York.

“The marshals (staff of the U.S. marshals Service, U.S. — ed.) said that satisfaction of the request would be contrary to all the taken security measures,” wrote the judge in his answer to the lawyer Shorty, noting, however, that “the court is sympathetic to the request.”

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