In the United States launched the rocket Antares space truck Cygnus

Booster Antares space truck Cygnus.

В США стартовала ракета Antares с космическим грузовиком Cygnus

WASHINGTON, 17 Nov – the booster Antares with Cygnus spacecraft, which will deliver to the International space station (ISS) more than 3 tons of cargo, launched from the spaceport in Virginia, a stream of running lead NASA.

LIFTOFF! @northropgrumman”s #Antares rocket just launched from @NASA_Wallops in Virginia. Heading to the @Space_Station, the #Cygnus cargo vehicle will deliver about 7,400 pounds of @ISS_Research and cargo. Watch as it continues its journey into space:

— NASA (@NASA) November 17, 2018.

The launch from the Baikonur Wallops (Virginia) was given at 12:01 GMT on Saturday. The arrival of the cargo ship to the ISS is scheduled for November 19.

Earlier, the launch of an American cargo ship to ISS postponed twice due to adverse weather conditions.

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