In the United States called the sanctions tool against “threatening” Iran

The flags of Iran on the streets of Tehran.

В США назвали санкции инструментом против "угрожающей" деятельности Ирана
Anton Bystrov

TEL AVIV, 15 Nov — US with the restoration of sanctions against Iran had the opportunity to seriously engage all cash flows that he uses to Finance all of its activities, threatening peace and security, said the special envoy of the us state Department on Iran Brian hook.

He met in Jerusalem with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who called the anti-Iranian sanctions of the United States “the most important thing that was done against the most aggressive power in the region.”

“Now that we have restored our sanctions, we are able to seriously engage all cash flows that Iran uses to Finance (the Palestinian and Lebanese movements) Hamas and Hezbollah, missile proliferation, all threats to peace and security” — quoted hook the office of the head of the Israeli Cabinet.

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