In the U.S. we want to pass the “oil Kingdom” to Putin

View of Riyadh city – the capital of Saudi Arabia. В США хотят передать "нефтяное королевство" Путину Alexander Yuriev

Ivan Danilov, the author of the blog the Crimson Alter

Us senators and congressmen want to drive the price of oil far beyond $ 100 per barrel. Introduction against Saudi Arabia, us sanctions in accordance with the so-called Magnitsky act will entail such consequences in the oil market that the current prices will seem small and insignificant. But if sanctions are really strong, and 100 dollars is not the limit. The us economy it will not be very profitable, but when we are talking about how to annoy allies of President trump, many American politicians and officials just brakes, common sense and a basic sense of self-preservation.

President trump would be against such a scenario, but in the current political environment he often tied his hands. The scandal surrounding the alleged murder of a Saudi journalist and dissident Jamal Khashoggi (Kasikci) in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul can work as a perfect pretext for new sanctions, and those wishing to enter them is already enough. In a way, Riyadh is faced with a problem, experienced by Moscow in relations with the current American elite who perceive sanctions as a way of solving political conflicts and ignoring any foreign policy implications.

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