In the U.S. Senate brought Turkey an ultimatum from s-400

Preparation for the firing of anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 Triumph.

В Сенате США предъявили Турции ультиматум из-за С-400
Ruslan Krivobok

MOSCOW, Dec 2 — Turkey should make a choice between Russia and the West. This was stated by Senator James Inhofe, new head of the U.S. Senate Committee on the armed forces, who replaced on this post of John McCain, according to Bloomberg.

“If Turkey wants to stay in the F-35 program, she must opt-out of receiving Russian systems s-400” — said Inhofe, commenting on the recent report by the Pentagon for the U.S. Congress.

He also added that Turkey is a very important partner of NATO, but at the same time, it must act in accordance with that status. “Turkey should make a choice between Russia and the West. If she will continue the process of buying s-400, it will face the consequences,” — said the Senator.

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