In Texas, re-elected serving a prison term policy, write media

The pointer of the polling station during the midterm elections in the U.S. Congress.

В Техасе переизбрали отбывающего тюремный срок политика, пишут СМИ
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MOSCOW, Nov 8 — American politician Ron Reynolds, who is serving a prison sentence for illegally providing legal services, re-elected to the house of representatives of the state of Texas, according to the publication Newsweek.

As writes the edition, Reynolds has received more than 47 thousand votes. It is noted, however, that policies may miss to be held in January the next session of the state legislature, because at that time he will still serve his prison sentence.

The edition notes that according to the laws of the state politician has a right to participate in political life of the state due to the fact that they committed an offense classified as a misdemeanor, not a crime.

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