In RKK “Energy” told about the prospects of working with the US in space

In RKK Energiya. В РКК "Энергия" рассказали о перспективах работы с США в космосе

BLAGOVESHCHENSK, October 11 — the story of the hole in the ship “Soyuz MS-09” will not affect cooperation with the US in space, said the head of the flight test Department of rocket-space Corporation “Energy” mark Serov.

Air leaks on the ISS found in the night of August 30. The crew checked all compartments and found, according to the head of Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, “hairline fracture” in the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-09”. It was located in the living compartment, not in the descent module, so do not threaten the return of the spacecraft to the Ground. It was reported that “Union” docked to the ISS, it was discovered the hole from the drill, through which passed the air leakage. The astronauts taped the hole. The Commission of the Russian space Agency, which is conducting the investigation, found that a hole appeared deliberate, not due to manufacturing defects, said Rogozin

“The Commission is working, it will establish the truth, and my colleagues are part of this Commission. Among the versions has a variety of options, both ground and orbital, have to consider, this is serious stuff. I don’t think (damage to ship), large-scale event, I don’t think it will affect our American-Russian cooperation in space. Most likely, this is the episode that we’re investigating, we will go further,” said Serov at the IV all-Russia youth space festival “Kosmofest East” in Blagoveshchensk.

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