In Belarus expect mirror measures between Minsk and Moscow on a U.S. base in Poland

The us military in Poland.

В Белоруссии ожидают зеркальные меры Минска и Москвы на базу США в Польше

MINSK, Nov 8 – Minsk and Moscow will take the mirror solution if Poland does decide to host on its territory of an American armored division, the head of the permanent Commission of the upper chamber of Parliament of Belarus on international Affairs and national security Sergey Rakhmanov.

Earlier, Poland has invited US to host on a permanent basis, American armored division, taking on the costs — of the order of 1.5-2 billion dollars. The proposal was made outside the framework of NATO on a bilateral basis. The President of Poland Andrzej Duda even proposed to call it Fort Trump (“trump Fort”). President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, for his part, said that he advised the head of the Polish foreign Ministry does not create “extra base”, otherwise Minsk and Moscow will be forced to respond.

“Our national interests, including the interests of national security in the framework of the Union state (Belarus and Russia – ed.) is a sacred duty, and we should abide by them. I think the reaction (in the case of placing in Poland bases USA – ed.) will be adequate. All will be counted, weighed, and will be taken mirroring solution,” said Rakhmanov

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