“Illusions can’t be”. An expert on conditions in the U.S. Congress at the start-3

The U.S. Capitol building

"Иллюзий быть не может". Эксперт об условиях в конгрессе США по СНВ-3
© AP Photo / Jacquelyn MartinПосол of Russia Anatoly Antonov has called the conditions of the U.S. Congress on the start-3 unacceptable. On radio Sputnik expert Boris Shmelev expressed the view that the US is headed for the scrapping of strategic parity with Russia.

In the U.S. Congress put forward is unacceptable to Moscow’s conditions for the extension of the start-3 Treaty, said Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov.

“The feeling is that they make these bindings so that they were unacceptable for the Russian side, so we immediately rejected them. This bothers. Created additional barriers, obstacles on the way to renew the Treaty (start-3 – ed.). Nothing tactical nuclear weapons to these issues (start – ed) is not” – said the diplomat.

On Wednesday, Republican Senator Tom cotton and Congressman from the Republican party, Liz Cheney has made to the congressional bill that limits the extension of the Russian-American start-3 Treaty after 2021 by the termination of funding agreements. Condition to extend the Treaty named Russia’s willingness “to reduce their stockpiles of tactical nuclear weapons to include your new system in the framework of the new start Treaty.”

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