“Hubble” is temporarily translated into “safe mode,” said NASA

Orbital Observatory Hubble"Хаббл" временно переведен в "безопасный режим", заявили в НАСА

MOSCOW, October 9 – /strong>. Orbital telescope “Hubble” was temporarily relocated to “safe mode” operation due to failures of gyroscopic stabilizers. Now NASA gradually return it to normal operation, the press service of the space Agency.

Hubble refers to the so-called “great observatories” NASA is an expensive space telescopes, launched by the space Agency of the United States in 1990 and 2000 for full coverage of the entire range of electromagnetic waves.

It was launched into space in April 1990, after which the Hubble space telescope has undergone several upgrades and replacements of its key scientific sites. The telescope has been in orbit for more than 28 years with no serious failures or problems, except for the initial manufacturing defect – incorrectly processed by the primary mirror. His “fix” was one of the main achievements of the “Shuttle” and the success of the NASA engineers.

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