Honduran Exodus: migrants are concentrated in the capital of Mexico

The queue at the canteen in the camp of migrants from Honduras in Mexico city

Гондурасский исход: мигранты концентрируются в столице Мексики
Dmitry Znamenskiy

MEXICO city, Nov 6 – Dmitry Znamensky. The presence in Mexico of migrants from the caravan traveling from Honduras to the United States, begins to be felt already at the entrance to the place of their temporary dislocation – sports complex “Magdalena-Misha” in the East of Mexico city. The area near the Mexico city airport was never considered good, but now the situation is aggravated by the presence of dozens of beggars, begging from drivers at traffic lights next to this sports complex. And these people aren’t Mexicans. Reporter visited the camp and was surprised to find that the workers don’t even know what to do next.

Ahead — three ways

“We can’t tell you yet where we’re going. Of course, seek to the States, but maybe will stay here if we can help,” said Miguel, a young 20-year-old refugee from Honduras.

In General, it is clear that most migrants were young men, 20-25 years. Their escape from the country is clear – they are looking for work and a better life, which he Honduras they can not give. By the way, the majority of migrants – Hondurans from neighboring countries (El Salvador and Guatemala) people are very few.

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