Head Amazon lost in two days over $19 billion

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Глава Amazon потерял за два дня более $19 миллиардов
© AP Photo / Amy Harris/Invision

MOSCOW, 30 Oct — the Head and co-owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos, who heads the rating of the richest people in the world in several versions, including the news Agency Bloomberg, in the last two days lost of 19.2 billion dollars due to the decline in the value of shares of the company, the Agency said.

Shares of the retailer Amazon has lost on Friday of 7.8% on Monday and another 6.3%. Investors were disappointed statements of the company, which reported more strong growth in quarterly revenue compared to projections. Supported the reduction in the prices of stock and volatility of global stock markets. As a result, the head of the Amazon lost the 19.2 billion dollars, which was a new record for such period.

Now wealth Bezos is estimated at 128,1 billion, the billionaire has maintained first place in the list of the richest people in the world, follows from the data Bloomberg Billionaires Index (BBI).

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