Halloween with a knife in his hand carving a pumpkin as entertainment and business in the United States

Member of the Zombie parade on the eve of Halloween

Хэллоуин с ножом в руке: резьба по тыкве как развлечение и бизнес в США
Alexander Kryazhev

WASHINGTON, 1 Nov – Grigory Dubovitsky. Halloween, celebrated on the night of 1 November, traditionally one of the most beloved and exciting in the US along with Christmas. The reporter plunged into the infernal atmosphere of the festivities, an essential attribute which are pumpkin and those who carved them funny and/or creepy “lighting Jack”.

Organic decorations

In the nation’s capital Washington, Halloween is less mass than in new York or other big cities, where entire organize parades and marches. But there is strength in the unique city of the specifics it still retains the spirit of “good old”, but rather sinister and at the same time a joyful celebration of what it remember from my childhood the majority of Americans.

Many people know the capital of the United States through the famous types of the Capitol and the White house, but Washington is not only they or the building of ministries and departments. The city centre is small (compared to new York skyscrapers) houses of the late XIX – early XX centuries. It is a powerful twined with ivy centuries old trees, parks, more like dense forests, deep ravines and picturesque rocky creeks.

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