Great European army “for protection from the United States and Russia”: Putin likes

Russian President Vladimir Putin leaves the Elysee Palace after a working Breakfast on behalf of the President of France Emmanuel Makron in honor of the invited heads of state and government. 11 Nov 2018

Великая европейская армия "для защиты от США и России": Путину нравится
Irina Kalashnikova

Irina Alksnis

Vladimir Putin has supported the idea of creating a European army, which aroused mixed feelings among European and especially British and American colleagues.

It is worth remembering that the recent proposal of the President of France Emmanuel Makron about creating a European army based on the fact that the army needed “to protect against China, Russia and even the United States.” In turn, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, by contrast, said yesterday that the “United European army would prove to the world that the war in Europe impossible.”

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