Glare Nikki. Haley left, but promised to return

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley and U.S. President Donald trump during a meeting in WashingtonБлики Никки. Хейли ушла, но обещала вернуться© REUTERS / Jonathan ErnstОна says that never caught the boss off guard – in April agreed on everything. Possible. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that knowing for six months about her resignation, he still has not decided what to replace it. He says five people in mind. But this is unlikely.

Блики Никки. Хейли ушла, но обещала вернутьсяGlare Nikki. Haley left, but promised Vernotico browser does not support HTML5 audioИх remained only two. From the first trunovskogo appeal. She and Pentagon chief James Mattis. The people to whom the establishment has accumulated perhaps less claims. But, if seasoned combat experience General marine corps immediately followed the “hawk”, ex-the Governor of South Carolina was originally looking, if not unattractive, dark horse. But pretty soon she was forced to doubt the fact who of the two is more “mad dog”. Now this is not to check. US Ambassador to the UN security Council, Nikki Haley has decided to withdraw from public Affairs.

Said she was tired. I didn’t say anything. It was so that it was easy for arrogance and impudence. And perhaps because it is not said that I was tired of the “what” and “who”. And how to say it in the eyes of the man from whom she is tired. Somehow it’s insensitive – it still represents the diplomatic corps. This is in relation to all the other she, though a novice in diplomacy, quickly learned it is an important American principle – the lack of diplomacy in principle. In fact, her appointment trump and continued the tradition of its predecessor: to put to the security Council by anyone, but not expert in international etiquette.

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After Samantha Power, it seemed difficult to mess up. But Nikki did. Now exactly the same think and after it. Her entry into the role was so swift that she did not have time to explain that UN – is not South Carolina, and it is here – not the Governor. However, whoever explained it to her? While it certainly cannot be called a bull in a China shop. Not the invoice. Pots beat without her. She just finished off what they could to survive.

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