Georgy Borisenko: USA can’t bully Russia no ultimatums

The Director of the Department of North America of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation Georgy BorisenkoГеоргий Борисенко: США не смогут запугать Россию никакими ультиматумами Maria Kiseleva

In the beginning of next month, November 6, in the United States held midterm elections to Congress. Of Washington are the fears that Russia may intervene in the electoral process in the United States. In the same month, against Russia may be introduced new sanctions for the case Skrypali: among the possible measures in almost total ban on trade with Russia, and downgrading diplomatic relations. Why USA refuse to sign with Russia the mutual guarantee of non-interference in each other’s Affairs when he will meet Vladimir Putin and Donald trump, and why the need to reduce dependence on the dollar — all of this in an interview with the Director of the Department of North America of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation Georgy Borisenko.

Less than a month in the United States held midterm elections. The chief for whom Washington is trying to place the responsibility for a particular result of the vote this time was China: President trump and Vice-President Penny has accused Beijing attempts to interfere in the American elections. However, and Russia is not forgotten. Recently, the United States accused seven of “GRU” in hacker attacks. Do you have fears that Moscow will again hang the blame for the outcome of the election?

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— In recent months heard from Washington’s allegations that Russia inevitably will again interfere in American elections. In 2016, the statements about alleged Russian intervention was initially thrown during the struggle for the post of President of the United States, and then began to be used as an excuse for losing one of the contenders. The same speculation, some American politicians repeat now, threatening us different punishments.

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