Georgia intends to increase purchases of American weapons

The flags of Georgia and the United States in joint training center and assessments Georgia-NATO on the military base in Krtsanisi near Tbilisi, Georgia.

Грузия намерена наращивать закупки американского оружия
© Sputnik / Alexander Imedashvili

TBILISI, November 1 – Georgia will continue to buy military equipment from the U.S., said defense Minister Levan Izoria during a speech at the International conference on defence and security in Batumi.

“The transfer of the Georgia anti-tank Javelin systems is a very important event. In private conversation Mr. Mattis (Minister of defense — ed.) told me that such decisions are taken only with respect to countries that enjoy special trust. On this basis we will continue to acquire U.S. weapons of a different type,” — said Izoria, whose speech was broadcasted by the Georgian TV company.

According to the Minister, “Georgia, in turn? will do everything to protect the security of these systems.”

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