Full Brett. Donald trump has obtained insurance against impeachment

The President of the United States Donald trump says impose 25% duty on the import of goods from China. 31 July 2018Полный Бретт. Дональд Трамп получил страховку от импичмента© AFP 2018 / Saul LoebКонечно, the Democrats will continue to spoil the life of Trump. But they wanted to erase him from her. Now before the next presidential election they will not succeed.

Полный Бретт. Дональд Трамп получил страховку от импичментаFull Brett. Donald trump got insurance from initconfig browser does not support HTML5 audio”And cost noise?” – do not hide from each other the frustration of rank and file Democrats. They suffered a humiliating defeat. And because it was loud, it still hurt. Become Brett Cavanaugh justice of the Supreme court quietly, no one used it and not noticed. As well all know, it is not to win but hated the Donald trump. And victory over them – over Democrats. Although they believe that over society. After all, what is the impact on American Puritanism. Total lack of morals. And Tu-Tu now #Me Too. Like looking into the eyes of these miserable, if harassment is the way not even to the court, and the Supreme court. And not in the dock, quite the contrary.

No matter what Cavanaugh was approved by the Senate by a whisker. 50: 48 – the worst result since 1881, when Stanley Matthews became a judge of the Supreme court with the score 24-23. Importantly, this result trump has. In fact, everything is decided with one voice. Joe Manchin is the only opposition supported the President, calling Cavanaugh “qualified lawyer”. All the rest of the democratic party so deeply did not penetrate – he just did not like. It suggested that trump, and that, by definition, was enough to decide that Cavanaugh is not so clean. They also believe that the American decency and work on trump’s incompatible.

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Somehow there was a skeleton in the closet. Although psychology Professor Christine Ford is unlikely to enjoy such a comparison. She probably thinks that 50 is still very even. At least, vision is not complaining. Be the first to know in the impressive Brett that 17-year-old youngster, what with her boyfriend doused her 15-year-old, beer fumes, “pressing down hard with your hips to the bed.” Until things are then not reached. The boys maneuvered-maneuvered, but it never vylaviroval. And years later she will not forgive them. Found, they as usual, and a couple of victims that he saw the future of the Supreme judge, so to speak, nowhere near.

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