French historian has called to thank Russia for the victory in the world wars

Russian soldiers pour soup Austrians on the Russian-German front.

Французский историк призвал поблагодарить Россию за победы в мировых войнах
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MOSCOW, Nov 8 — the French historian Edouard Yusson the article for publication Atlantico criticized the statements of the President of Emmanuel Macron, who on the eve of a century since the end of the First world war, “declared Russia an enemy.”

According to the historian, macron, being in the city of Verdun, where occurred one of the bloodiest battles of the First world war, said about the need to create “a true European army” to confront Russia, China and the United States. While the French authorities have stated that all actions connected with this date will be devoted to the theme of peace.

According to Usona, venue and time of the announcement Russian enemy “leads to astonishment.” Despite the fact that a few days in Paris will arrive Vladimir Putin. According to the author, whatever the claim to Russia today, the world needs to remember what unites country. Moreover, the Russian army deserves respect for “the heroic struggle and huge losses” in the autumn of 1914, without which the victory over Germany could not be.

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