Foreign Ministry accused Volcker in the quest to destroy the Minsk agreement

The building of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. МИД обвинил Волкера в стремлении разрушить Минские соглашения Natalia Seliverstova

MOSCOW, 12 Oct — the US special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker, rejected the Russian initiative on the establishment of the UN mission in the Donbas, work for the destruction of the Minsk agreements, said the foreign Ministry.

Walker previously called unacceptable the initiative of Russia on deployment of peacekeepers in the Donbass, as it is. according to him, will allow you to keep the self-proclaimed DND and LNR. The foreign Ministry said that in Moscow such statements U.S. special envoy was “surprised to hear”.

“We have to remind you that the Minsk agreements was signed by representatives from DND and LNR, which are party to them on an equal basis with Kiev. There is a reasonable question, read whether it is Kurt Volker basic documents of Ukrainian settlement, which seems to be involved. Or for the USA the same “illegals” are OSCE observers in Ukraine for the fifth year, because about them also says nothing in the laws of this country? Speaking on the words of the Minsk agreement, Kurt Volker to actually work on their destruction”, — stressed in dipvedomstva.

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