Florida officials declared an emergency in connection with the storm “Michael”

The impact of the storm in the United States. Власти Флориды объявили ЧС в связи со штормом "Майкл"© AFP 2018 / Alex Edelman

MOSCOW, 8 Oct — the Authorities of the state of Florida declared a state of emergency in 26 of the 67 counties in connection with the strengthening of tropical storm “Michael”, said in a statement on the official website the state Governor Rick Scott.

“Declaring a state of emergency, Governor Scott ensures that the state and the local government has sufficient time, resources and flexibility to prepare for this storm,” — said in a statement.

According to the document, Scott alerted 500 members of the national guard of the United States to assist in the planning, logistics and preparation for the elimination of consequences of floods in affected areas. As reported in the statement of 5.5 members of the national guard of Florida are also ready to mobilize when needed.

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