Experts Saxo Bank does not rule out the possibility that Apple will buy the company Tesla in 2019

Cars Tesla at a charging station .

Эксперты Saxo Bank не исключили, что Apple купит компанию Tesla в 2019 году
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MOSCOW, 4 Dec — the American Corporation Apple in 2019 will be to actively penetrate into the automotive industry and can even buy a Tesla, says “shocking predictions” Saxo Bank.

Saxo Bank publishes annual “outrageous predictions” for next year. They primarily unlikely, but underrated events, for which financial markets can cover a powerful “shock wave”. Although considering the predictions do not represent the official market forecasts Saxo, they warn that many investors can be mistaken, estimating the probability of occurrence of the events is negligibly small. Inclusion in the list means that he Saxo Bank evaluates the probability of not less than 10%.

“Apple understands that if she wants to deepen the impact on the lives of its users, then the next frontier will be the cars, as digital technology enters the automotive industry more and more actively”, — noted in the forecast of Saxo Bank.

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