Experts do not doubt in the success of the InSight mission to Mars

The InSight mission to Mars.

Эксперты не сомневаются в успехе миссии InSight на Марс

MOSCOW, 27 Nov — not all the missions that humanity has sent to Mars, was successfully end therefore obtaining a first image from the surface of the red planet, transmitted by the apparatus of InSight, can be considered a major success, says the scientific head of the space policy Institute Ivan Moiseev.

Earlier it was reported that the American space probe InSight has successfully sat on Mars and transmitted the first image where you can see the particles of dust and the Martian horizon. Vice-President Michael Pence called the event “an incredible achievement”.

“This is a very interesting mission. Fly to Mars, what, 50 machines, only half successfully, so it is looked upon with a voltage. The device worked perfectly,” said Moiseev

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