Expert: USA will overtake Russia in oil production in 2019

Oil production. Эксперт: США сможет обогнать Россию по добыче нефти в 2019 году Maxim Bogodvid

MOSCOW, 11 Oct — the United States will overtake Russia in oil production in 2019, but by 2040, production levels in both countries can be compared, said in an interview with the head of strategy Department at Saxo Bank on the commodity market OLE Hansen (Ole Hansen).

In September, OPEC presented the annual forecast World Oil Outlook (WOO) 2040, according to which the United States in 2018 will overtake Russia in oil production — it will amount to 10.5 million barrels per day compared to 10.3 million barrels per day from Russia. However, after 2025, the level of production will decrease and as a result, in 2040 the United States will produce 10.1 million barrels of oil per day, which will match the Russian level, according to the organization.

According to the Ministry of energy, energy information administration US Department of energy (EIA) and the August report, OPEC, Russia in July maintained its leading position in the production of oil in the world, producing an average 11,218 million barrels of oil per day. Russian was ahead on this indicator the United States and Saudi Arabia, which was mined during the reporting month 10,964 and 10,363 million barrels per day, respectively.

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