Expert: operation in the Black sea in support of Ukraine faces a risk for NATO

American frigate Taylor and the Turkish frigate Turgutries during a training exercise in the Black sea

Эксперт: операция в Черном море в поддержку Украины грозит рисками для НАТО
© Flickr / Official U. S. Navy Radiometricheskie Senator called on to send in the Black sea fleet and NATO ships. On radio Sputnik expert Grigory Tischenko was of the opinion that it will support NATO in this idea.

Republican Senator John Barrasso expressed the opinion that the President of the United States Donald trump did the right thing, canceling a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit. The politician also urged the US and NATO to take more decisive action in response to “Russian aggression” against Ukraine. His words are quoted by the newspaper the Hill.

So, according to the Senator, the Russian leader – a man who “is with force.”

“Words don’t matter. Important to him, so I think we should take more active steps,” said Barrasso.

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