Expert on the risk of civil war in the United States: a split worse

The battle of Gettysburg during the civil war in the United States

Эксперт о риске гражданской войны в США: раскол усугубится
© AP PhotoЗападные historians said the threat of civil war in the United States. It is possible said political analyst Dmitry Zhuravlev. His point of view he explained on radio Sputnik.

The next presidential election may well lead to a final split in American society and a new civil war in the country, wrote the British historian, Harvard Professor Neil Ferguson in his article in the newspaper the Sunday Times.

According to scientists, in recent years in the United States intensified the internal contradictions, and exacerbated by the “cultural conflict”. In the American segment of the Internet long ago began a cultural civil war, and with the approach of midterm elections in Congress, she flares up even more, said Ferguson. In his opinion, cases of sending bombs to prominent American critics of the President such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, to give the soil the “new prophecy” about the civil war in the United States.

Emily Whalen, candidate of historical Sciences the University of Texas, in his article for the website Task&Purpose also analyzes the risk of civil war in the United States, based on the methodology of the journalist Jonathan Randal, who at one time predicted the beginning of the civil war in Lebanon.

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