European expert linked the incident in the Kerch Strait with geopolitics

The ships of naval forces of Ukraine detained by the border service of the Russian Federation for violation of the state border of Russia, in the port of Kerch

Европейский эксперт связал инцидент в Керченском проливе с геополитикой
© Photo : Federal security service of the Russian Federation

BRUSSELS, 27 Nov – Alexander Shishlo. The incident in the Kerch Strait, where Russian border guards detained three ships of the Ukrainian Navy for violating the state border, is not a local conflict, it stems from the geopolitical rivalry between the U.S. and Russia, says the head of the center for geopolitical studies Eurocontinent Pierre-Emmanuel Thomann.

“The fact that protection of Ukraine was made by the member countries of the European Union, at the same time are part of NATO, is proof that we are not talking about a local conflict, but a question of world geopolitics, about the rivalry between the US and Russia,” the analyst said.

According to him, the geopolitical strategy of the United States behind NATO, to “cut off the Russian way (from the Black sea – ed.) to marine waters (Mediterranean sea, Atlantic and Pacific oceans)”. “That is why Russia is extremely sensitive to maintaining its security in the Black sea, while Ukraine, led by Petro Poroshenko takes the opposite strategy of Russia, is the country, which is used in order to block Russian access to the Mediterranean sea,” — said Toman.

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