EU buries the dollar. The Wake has invited Russia

Banknotes of 1 US dollar.

ЕС хоронит доллар. На поминки пригласили Россию
Alexey Sukhorukov

Ivan Danilov, the author of the blog the Crimson Alter

Watching the information war American propaganda machine is against any attempt to challenge the hegemony of the us dollar, one can not ignore one fundamental difference between Russia and the European Union: if the Russian plan of de-dollarization with the stamp “for official use” still remains a mystery, the European plan of de-dollarization (including technical Annex to the plan) Pro-American European officials “leaked” Bloomberg, a week before its final adoption. The situation for the European Union, of course, is humiliating, but if this plan still be implemented, the United States is no help the presence in the European leadership of a very large number of sympathizers “uncle Sam”. Even if you make a “discount” on legendary clumsiness of the European bureaucracy and very slow implementation of the scheme against the USD, which is described in the strategic documents of the European Commission, will simply destroy the petrodollar system in its current form. Spur of the moment plan of the European Commission is that without Russia, the plan doesn’t work, which means that Paris and Berlin will probably have to slightly strangle their own anti-Russian outbursts, because they will need Moscow’s cooperation on vital issue.

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The European plan of de-dollarization, and enhancing the global role of the Euro was clearly not written by politicians, and financial practitioners. Perhaps its preparation involved the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, who has tremendous experience in the successful management of the European offshore — Duchy of Luxembourg, and who is well aware of where the pain points of the dollar system. The main item on the agenda: European energy imports must be paid not in dollars but in euros. This is necessary in order to protect themselves from the sanctions, and there is no need to speculate on the subject, whose sanctions are going to defend the leaders of the European Union. “The price of the energy question” — about 341 billion dollars a year, is how much is the annual energy imports in the EU. Moreover, the issue of de-dollarization is decorated in the document as the issue of restoration of “European sovereignty” — and this despite the fact that we all know how painful disagreement on such rhetoric. “Recent challenges to the international system of rules and trade are call for awakening in terms of economic and monetary sovereignty of the European Union”, — say the authors of the strategy of the European Union. The problem is that in the memory of the world community are still fresh of the tragic biographies of the two politicians, who also tried to pull his country out of the petrodollar system and the return of their “economic and monetary sovereignty,” is Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. Of course, the Americans are unlikely (at least now) will arrange the bombing of Paris or Berlin, but to organize a small coup or “color revolution” — why not?

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