Embassy of Russia clarifies whether the injured Russian citizens in California

The Russian Embassy in Washington.

Посольство России выясняет, пострадали ли российские граждане в Калифорнии
Alex Agaryshev

MOSCOW, 8 Nov — the Russian Embassy in the US to check if Russian citizens among the victims in the shooting, which occurred on the night of Thursday in the bar in the Borderline city of Thousand Oaks, California.

“The Embassy explains, was among the victims in the shooting in the suburbs of Los Angeles citizens. The state Department sent to the request”, — stated in the message of Embassy on Twitter.

As previously announced by the Sheriff of the local police Jeff Dean, in a shooting at a bar in California Borderline killed 11 people and a police officer and the alleged offender. According to media reports, the bar Borderline, which hosted a frat party, the unknown fired at least 30 shots.

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