Edited people. What is dangerous experiments of Chinese geneticists

An employee of the laboratory of center for DNA sequencing

Отредактированные люди. Чем опасны эксперименты китайских генетиков

MOSCOW, 30 Nov — Alfia Enikeeva. Chinese researcher he Cisangkuy in an interview with the Associated Press November 26, said that he had edited the genomes of human embryos before the procedure of artificial insemination, with the result that on light there were two children with altered DNA. The scientific community has condemned the work of the scientist. In China the investigation began, all experiments with the human genome temporarily banned. understanding why this story could only happen in China and why she was so scared the whole world.

How it all began

In the beginning of this week geneticist Hae Cisangkuy working in the South University of science and technology of China (Shenzhen), arrived in Hong Kong at the international summit on the editing of the human genome, where I had to make a report. Before the conference the scientist approached the organizers and told them that participated in the first ever change in the DNA of human embryos.

Later in an interview with Associated Press researcher said that using CRISPR/Cas9 to edit the genomes of embryos of seven couples during fertility treatments. As a result of a pregnancy a healthy mother and a HIV-positive father had two girls, twins with changed DNA. He Cisangkuy explained that he removed the children the gene for CCR5, so they got lifelong immunity to HIV.

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