“Drowned in Gibraltar”: the expert on the chances of the U.S. naval blockade of Russia

Tests of the missile complex avant-garde. "Потопят в Гибралтаре": эксперт о шансах США на морскую блокаду России© Russian defense Ministry

MOSCOW, 10 Oct — US Troops unlikely to make a naval blockade of Russia, because it is able to sink the American fleet, writes the Romanian military expert Valentin Vasilescu in an article for the website Voltairnet.org.

Earlier the Minister of internal Affairs of the United States Ryan Zinke said that his country, if necessary, to organize a naval blockade of Russia, to prevent the supply of energy to countries in the middle East region.

According to the expert, at the moment, the U.S. armed forces are not capable of that. The Russian army is firmly entrenched in the middle East, Syria is located air and sea bases, the Mediterranean space is constantly covered with an effective air defense and jamming, and the black sea fleet can at any moment turn into the Mediterranean.

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