Democrats lead in the polls before the November Congressional elections

Congressmen leaving Capitol building in Washington after the end of voting in the House of representativesДемократы лидируют по опросам перед ноябрьскими выборами в Конгресс© AFP 2018 / J. Scott Applewhite

MOSCOW, 14 Oct — the candidates of the Democratic party in the elections to the us Congress bypassed by the popularity of their rivals from the Republican party, according to a survey conducted by the publication Washington Post and ABC News.

Congressional elections will be held on 6 November. Will be a fully elected house of representatives (435 seats) and about a third of the Senate (35 of the 100 seats). The study concerned the elections to the house of representatives. The survey was conducted October 8-11 on the phone of 1.14 among thousands of Americans across the country, the error is estimated at 3.5 percentage points.

According to the survey, the Democrats beat the Republicans in popularity by 11 percentage points on the support of first party in the survey said 53% of voters, ready to vote 42%. The study shows that more Americans (45% vs 37%) trust the Democrats in dealing with the main problems in the country.

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