Democrat Sinema increased their lead in the elections to the U.S. Senate in Arizona

The vote in the midterm elections in the United States.

Демократ Синема увеличила отрыв на выборах в сенат США в Аризоне
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WASHINGTON, 10 Nov — a Democrat Kirsten Sinema somewhat strengthened isolation from Republican Martha Maccalli in a tense vote count, which continues in Arizona for three days after the election to the U.S. Senate, told Fox News channel.

Sinema, whose lead over the opponent was about 2 thousand votes, now increased the gap to 20 thousands votes — she gets 991 thousand 189 votes against 970 thousand 986, Maccalli.

While Republicans and Democrats signed on Friday in the court agreement that will solve the problem with the votes cast by mail. Republicans protested against the rules of the two largest districts that allow up to 5 days for a “fix” sent mail ballots in which the signature does not match signature in voter registration records. The agreement extended the term “fix” to the next environment.

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