Condoleezza rice has proposed a method of “containment of Russia”

Former U.S. Secretary of state Condoleezza rice. Кондолиза Райс предложила способ "сдерживания России" Ilya Pitalev

MOSCOW, Oct 7 — Former U.S. Secretary of state Condoleezza rice accused Russia of “all possible red lines” and suggested the method of its containment. Your thoughts the politician said in an interview to the Ukrainian edition of “New Time”.

To a journalist’s question about “how long Russia will test the limits”, considering the fact that she was allegedly involved in the poisoning of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal, and “aggression against Ukraine”, the former head of American diplomacy announced that these boundaries are already crossed.

“I believe that these boundaries have already been passed. Fortunately, we and our European allies were able to agree on joint sanctions against Russia, and I think should continue,” said rice.

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