CIA officer visited South Korea in secret contact with the DPRK, the media are writing

View of Seoul.

Сотрудник ЦРУ посетил Южную Корею и тайно контактировал с КНДР, пишут СМИ
Maria Plotnikova

TOKYO, 5 Dec — the head of the center for Korean CIA programs Andrew Kim, a key figure in the organization of negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang, on the eve of his retirement, visited South Korea and held contacts with the DPRK in complete secrecy — neither the presidential administration nor the government of the country is not confirmed, said on Wednesday the TV channel KBS.

According to him, the South Korean foreign Ministry also silent about the visit, however, Kim was spotted and photographed in South Korea and evidence of his visit is not required. KBS has also become known that the CIA officer had visited the border point of Panmunjom negotiations, presumably, he met there with representatives of the DPRK.

“Because he — man intelligence organization, he had no contacts in normal diplomatic channels”, — quotes the channel of a South Korean diplomatic source.

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