China has criticized a statement by U.S. Senator about the religious policy of the country

USA flag on the background emblem of China in Beijing.

Китай раскритиковал заявление сенатора США о религиозной политике страны
© AP Photo / Andy Wong, File

BEIJING, 26 Oct – the Chinese side unpleasantly surprised by the statements of one of the senators of the United States, which has stated the violation of the rights of representatives of different religious and ethnic groups in China, said at a briefing on Friday the official representative of Chinese foreign Ministry Hua Chunying.

Earlier, the U.S. Senate made accusations against China in connection with the alleged violation of human rights of believers belonging to different religions of people in China. It was noted that the struggle for the rights of these people should be among priority items of cooperation between China and the United States.

“Honestly, I’m unpleasantly surprised by the ignorance and prejudice of a Senator of the United States against China, we Express our dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to his baseless criticism,” — said the diplomat.

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